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Aina Patiño

Dear MUNers,

I want to give you a warm welcome to UNSA Barcelona!

If you let me, before I explain to you what this association means to me in a closer way, I would like to introduce myself. My name is Aina Patiño Pedrola, I am a 3rd year law student at Pompeu Fabra University and I am the current president of the UNSA Barcelona association. I was born and studied in Girona and it was not until the end of the non-compulsory secondary year of high school, when I began to show interest in the world of international relations participating as a delegate in the European Youth Parliament.

It was not until I arrived at the University that I had the opportunity to continue my training with the United Nations Course taught by Dra. Marta Abegón and organized by UNSA Barcelona. I have always shown a lot of interest in the field of gender equality, environment and security, however, I was very curious to be able to open my eyes to the world and get a clearer perspective on the origin of international conflicts. Until then, I had acquired knowledge through reading books and listening to news, but I lacked the key elements to understand the world around me. These connection points were given to me by the UN Course and I cannot be more grateful.

Driven by the desire to take advantage of the course, on the one hand, I got as involved as I could and I obtained a scholarship to go to EuroMUN in Maastricht (2019). Prior to this opportunity, I also participated in C’MUN (2019) and during this academic year I participated in CuiMUN (2019). On the other hand, I wanted to discover other positions than the one of delegate in committees, and for this reason, UNSA Barcelona also trained me and offered me the basic notions to be chosen, finally, as Chair, for example in JLMUN (2020), and General Secretary of the Saint Peters MUN (2020).

When I finished my first year of my degree, I decided to join the association. Since then, I have spent time, in one way or another, on all the working teams to contribute my bit and learn from all of them and all of those who are part of the association. Being aware of the work carried out by each member and the effort and perseverance involved in a well done job, I decided to embark myself on a new project and take on new challenges, introducing myself and being elected president of UNSA Barcelona.

If you are wondering how the association works, UNSA is initially composed of a Board of Directors, which is made up of three positions in harmony: the presidency, the secretary general and the treasurer. In addition, there are four working groups, which are called “Vocalies” and they are directed by four members (these make up the Executive Board). And last but not least, there are the members who are part of each of the “Vocalies”. These intertwined synergies between all of us who are members of the association are the cause of the work that UNSA Barcelona does annually and, the consequence is the result that arises as a result of teamwork and good harmony between members.

While it is true that this next academic year the development and activities that would normally be carried out will be restricted by the situation created by COVID-19, the energy, desire and dedication of the UNSA Barcelona team will ensure that they do not leave you indifferent.

I hope you share my enthusiasm and see you soon!

Yours faithfully,

Aina Patiño Pedrola

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