"Participating in MUNSA 2022 was an absolute pleasure"

Ismea Guidotti, SGMUN

From the 16th to the 18th of September 2022, I had the absolute pleasure of participating in the MUNSA Conference in Barcelona. I decided to go there since my association, St. Gallen MUN, and MUNSA just became partners, and I can say I am very happy with my choice.

My experience started off with a 12-hour ride from St. Gallen, Switzerland, to Barcelona, during which I read the position papers of my fellow delegates and, well, watched an entire season of Brooklyn 99. Once at the conference, I finally had the opportunity to talk to other human beings and I ended up meeting wonderful people from all around Europe and the world!

The amazing socials definitely helped in establishing a positive, friendly atmosphere, and I found it very easy to connect with new people. In this sense, I very much enjoyed taking part in the scavenger hunt and the games at the beach, as well as having a spontaneous dinner together with many other delegates. The Saturday socials also proved fantastic, with a beautiful venue for the gala and many entertaining activities to take part in before moving to one of Barcelona’s most famous clubs!

On the academic side, I had the chance of participating in the European Council, where we discussed one of the hottest topics of the moment: Europe’s dependence on third-country fossil fuels for its energy supply. The chairs, Aina and Alicia, did a great job at chairing a very heterogeneous group of delegates and, although no document was passed in the end, the debate was very engaging and we touched upon a wide variety of interesting points.

Aside from this, from the very first day I could witness the kindness and openness of the organizing team, who even provided me with cough drops to cure a (very unglamorous) coughing attack I had during the opening ceremony. I really want to thank them for the amazing experience: they can be very proud of what they achieved, especially considering that it was their first time opening up the conference to international students and that everything ran smoothly!

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