Delegate applications for MUNSA 2022 are open!

Do you want to join us in Barcelona next September for MUNSA 2022? You can now do it! Delegate applications are open, do not miss the chance!

Letter of the Secretariat

Honourable future MUNSA delegates,

It is with great pleasure that we welcome you to the third edition of Model United Nations Student Association, on behalf of the United Nations Student Association and the Secretariat Team. Our conference will return to the wonderful city of Barcelona from the 16th to the 18th of September 2022.

Following the on-site format of the previous years, we are proud to, once again, offer our future delegates, as well as the chairs of MUNSA, an event that is face to face, so that all participants are able to enjoy the best of an MUN: debating on relevant issues and getting to know each other in organized social events.

With the will to expand MUNSA from one year to the next, the Secretariat has worked hard to offer five committees to our participants, with the aim of developing enriching discussions around each of the topics. We are committed to provide a diversity of committees: a Historical Security Council, to help us learn from the past; a European Council to bring European institutions into the conference; a Human Rights Council to discuss the most pressing human rights issues; the UNESCO to find solutions for international peace and security; and, finally, a special committee, for those who want to navigate the intricacies of the Council of FIFA. Delegates will have the opportunity to showcase their cooperation, diplomatic and negotiation skills throughout the conference as well as to create lifelong friendships with people who come from very different backgrounds and experiences.

Because we believe it is essential to keep European youth engaged in discussions that affect everyone, we have decided to participate in the Model UN Refugee Challenge with our Human Rights Council. The delegates taking part in this committee will actively be involved in the debate promoted by the UN High Commissioner for the Refugees and will have the opportunity to add their voice to the conversation.

While counting down the days for MUNSA, we continue to put all our efforts into providing an incredible experience for you to enjoy, with high hopes that this edition will be a memorable experience to share together. We are looking forward to welcoming you in Barcelona another year.

Yours sincerely,

Joan Llonch Tegido and Elsa Roucaud Carreira
Secretary General and Director General of MUNSA 2022

Meet the Secretariat

Joan Llonch

I am a 21-year-old and I have just graduated from my BA in Global Studies, and I am currently working in a consultancy firm. It was during my first year of university that I got to know the world of MUNs and since then, I have participated in a number of international MUNs as a delegate and as a chair. It is a pleasure and an honor to serve as Secretary General on this year’s edition.

Elsa Roucaud

I am a newly-graduated Global Studies student and my interest in the world of internatinal relations and the United Nations led me to join UNSA Barcelona in my first year of university. It is a true honor to be part of the MUNSA 2022 secretariat this year, I am so looking forward to it!

Anna Garriga

I am a second-year student of Global Studies at UPF and a first-year student of Law at UOC, as well as Head of Models at UNSA Barcelona. My passion for understanding the international arena has driven me to MUNSA 2022, and offering the opportunities that have been given to me in the past to new delegates.

Lorena Díaz

Second-year International Business and Economics student at UPF. Since I was fifteen, I’ve been interested in MUNs and, as soon as I had the chance, I joined UNSA Barcelona. I have participated as a delegate and as a chair in simulations for several years now and I am also part of the organizing team of another MUN. I’m really looking forward to this Model that I have contributed to organising and to meeting you all!

Eva Ferrer

I am a second-year student of Global Studies at UPF and Head of Conferences of UNSA Barcelona. I have a great passion for the international arena; on the one hand my interest for the United Nations and on the other hand my delight for the EU. This will be my second time attending to MUNSA Barcelona and I’m very excited to see you all!

Emilia Andueza

I’m in my third year of Audiovisual Communication and even though my degree has nothing to do with it, I’ve always been interested in international relations and debate, which is why I joined UNSA. I’m really glad to be a part of MUNSA 2022 and can’t wait for it to happen!

Mariona Blanch

I am a law and economics student. My interest in advocacy and the social values of the UN led me to join UNSA Barcelona in 2021. UNSA has given me the tools to explore my creative side and also delve into areas that have always sparked my curiosity, such as geography, history and international law and relations. Now, I’m very excited to be part of MUNSA 2022!

Nicolás Molina

I am a second-year Law student and a first-year Global Studies’ student at UPF. The international scenery fascinates me and I am a firm believer that there is still much uncharted territory left to discover in this area; that is what led me to join UNSA Barcelona last year. I am thrilled at the prospective of participating in MUNSA 2022!

Anna Peláez

Graduate student of International Business, I joined UNSA Barcelona my first year at the university because I had always been keen on international affairs and debating upon them. I have been participating and chairing at MUN conferences all around the world, and now I am happy to take part in MUNSA’s organizing team for the third year in a row. It is a great pleasure!

Ferran Àlvarez

Third-year student of International Business and first-year International Relations, I joined UNSA Barcelona after a few experiences with MUNs in high school. It’s my second year as part of MUNSA’s secretariat and I’m really looking forward to show you the results of our work!

Maria Bertrán

I am a second-year Political and Administration Sciences student at UPF. Within my field of study, I am particularly interested in gender studies as well as international relations which is why I decided to join UNSA Barcelona in 2021. Having participated as a delegate last year, it is an honor to take part in MUNSA’s 2022 organization and I cannot wait for September to arrive!

Mònica Roca

Hello! I am in my second year of International Business Economics, and my interest in international relations and current world events led me to join the United Nations Students Association of Barcelona. Last year I participated in MUNSA as a delegate, so I am very excited to be part of the team for this year’s edition of MUNSA!

Committees and topics

Historical Security Council (Advanced)

UNHSC Study Guide
TOPIC: The Rwandan Genocide and its consequence on the Responsibility to Protect

The Historical United Nations Security Council will be taking delegates back in time to the aftermath of the Rwandan Genocide. Regarded as one of the United Nations’ critical failures, delegates will have the opportunity to deal with the outcome, the genocide had in the African Great Lakes region and the refugee crisis that unfolded in its wake. Muddling through a complex international state of affairs, delegates will be able to engage each other taking into consideration the previous actions and international responsibility for the genocide, as well as the growing tensions in the region and the different spheres of influence external actors have had in the area, aiming to alleviate the mounting human suffering and avert another catastrophe

European Council (Intermediate)

EUCO Study Guide
TOPIC 1: 2022, the European Year of Youth: empowering young citizens

This topic is about what Europe is going to promote and tackle as the European Year in 2022. In this case, the involvement of young people. In which they can arrive to have a voice and feel well represented and listened to by the EU, as well as being able to enjoy different initiatives and opportunities that they have not been able to enjoy yet due to the Pandemic, which has had a great impact specially on them.

TOPIC 2: Overcoming European dependence on third country fossil fuels; directing the EU to achieve carbon neutrality by 2050

This topic presents the current situation in Europe in relation to the common energy policy. Here we see a Europe divided in relation to actions, policies to be taken and whether to change the current EU legislation in the energy sector or not, due to the increasing rise in energy prices and the conflict between Russia and Ukraine.

FIFA Council (Intermediate)

FIFA Study Guide
TOPIC 1: FIFA World Cup: acting upon the Qatargate allegations

This topic will center around the controversies that have occurred in the past years regarding the decision of hosting the World Cup in Qatar. The topic will touch topics such as the alleged corruption as well as how to handle the accusations publicly.

TOPIC 2: The development of soccer facilities and opportunities for young people in developing countries

This topic will center around the actions that can be taken by the FIFA Council in order to facilitate equal opportunities in developing countries through football. The debate will be centered around ideas such as income inequality, the creation of development projects and the use of football for good.

Human Rights Council (Beginner)

UNHRC Study Guide
TOPIC: Human Rights abuses in the extraction and distribution of natural resources: the case of Coltan

Coltan is one of the most valuable and used minerals in the technological industry, precisely due to its wide use in the production of electronic devices such as mobile phones or computers. A huge amount of its reserves are located in developing and underdeveloped countries such as the Democratic Republic of the Congo, where many humanitarian organizations have shared their concerns about ongoing violations of human rights. These are closely linked to the extraction and processing of this mineral, and include job insecurity, child labour, extorsion and physical violence. States’ inability to preserve the rule of law, the lack of due diligence by enterprises and the unstable sociopolitical context of some of these regions are some of the major challenges associated to finding solutions to this problem. As a result, the international community is yet to agree on effective measures to address the issue, which affects thousands of people daily.

UNESCO (Beginner)

UNESCO Study Guide
TOPIC: Protecting World Heritage during violent conflicts

Since the dawn of time, catastrophic battles have wreaked havoc on heritage… From the destruction of the Library of Alexandria to the annihilation of Jewish history during World War II, we have lost the piece of our collective identity that we have failed to preser, this is where the topic’s significance lies. Houses of worship, museums, ruins of ancient civilisations, etc… Are sources of our
identity, and destroying them means losing a part of ourselves. There should be no disagreement above what brings us all together: World Heritage. 

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