Letter of the Secretariat

Distinguished prospective MUNSA participants,

On behalf of the United Nations Student Association and the entire Secretariat Team, we are honored to welcome you to the second edition of Model United Nations Students Association.

We are pleased to announce that thanks to the logistic collaboration with the United Nations Youth Association, this second edition of the conference will also be held on-site. All the participants, fellow delegates, chairs and the organizing team will be able to meet face to face from the 7th to the 9th of May. We consider it is important to highlight how we are making our priority the health and safety of all the participants in the conference, conducting all the necessary measures to make this experience a safe one.

After a while not being able to attend an on-site conference we reckon it is essential for this edition to be celebrated on-site. Because of this, if the pandemic situation gets worse or any other external circumstance impedes us to host the conference in the university we are planning to do so, we are going to postpone the second MUNSA edition until we can carry it on on-site.

In this edition we are proudly holding three committees. The United Nations Office on Drugs and Crime, the World Trade Organization and the United Nations Security Council. The Secretariat Team and the Board of Chairs have intensively worked on defining three enriching topics to debate upon during the days that the conference will last. We are confident that all participants will conduct an incredible and professional role when representing the countries they have been assigned to.

Even though this conference has only been celebrated once, everyone attending considered it to be a great success. We were able to combine debating, social events and always complying with the health restrictions and ensuring the safety of all the participants. For this reason, we believe that this conference is an exceptional opportunity given the unprecedented circumstances we are living through. Delegates, chairs and the Secretariat Team will be able to share again their passion for international affairs face to face, to have fun together and enjoy the event while learning a lot from people from really different backgrounds.

We are looking forward to sharing and enjoying with you this exceptional edition of MUNSA, coming from our efforts and dedication.

Yours sincerely,

Anna Peláez Valls and Maria Roca Martín
Secretary General and Under Secretary General of MUNSA 2021

Meet the Secretariat

Anna Peláez

Last-year student of IBE. I joined UNSA Barcelona my first year at the university because I had always been keen on international affairs and debating upon them. I have been debating and chairing at MUN conferences all around the world and now I am happy to take part in MUNSA’s second edition organizing team. It is a great pleasure!

María Roca

I am in the third year of the degree Law & Global Governance at ESADE. I have always been interested in the international affairs area and when I discovered MUN in my first year at university I knew I wanted to be in this world, aspiring to be a UN delegate in the future.

Laia Busquets

Models coordinator at UNSA Barcelona. I study Law and Industrial Engineering with Economic Analysis at UPF/UPC. I very much enjoy debating and experiencing the world of international relations.

Maria Bauer

Second year of Global Studies, UPF, a degree focused on the world of international relations which inspires me to be passionate about exploring different cultures, backgrounds, and countries. I am happy to be part of this MUNSA as I enjoy debating and bringing ideas and perspectives together.

Pep Armengol

I am currently in my second year of Global Studies at UPF. My main fields of interest are International Relations and more specifically the role of China in Geopolitics. I am also interested in Sustainability applied to Urban Studies.

Ferran Àlvarez

I am a second year student of International Business Economics at UPF. I started getting interested in MUN back in high school, having participated in many and been Secretary General in AgoraMUN 2019. I am happy to be part of MUNSA 2021 and hoping for a great experience with extremely fruitful debates.

Martí Rossell

Third year student of International Business Economics (UPF). My personal interest on debating and being up to date with current affairs are comprised inside the MUN experience, reason why I look forward to extend this passion to anyone participating in this edition of MUNSA.

Joan Llonch

I am a second-year student of Global Studies at UPF. In the future, I would like to specialize in International Development, in order to work close to the field and help to improve people’s lives. I have been part of the MUN world since 2019 and I love to debate and to meet new people.

Know our chairs

Ricardo Sans

Studying a MSc in Computational and Mathematical Engineering. Big enthusiast of Data Science, Cryptography and… International Relations! If you share any of these interests too, do not hesitate to approach me anytime, I’d love to hear you out!

Anna Puigderrajols

I’m studying Political and Administration Sciences and Law and a postgraduate degree in data analysis. I’ve been involved in MUNs since my first year at university. I’m sure we will have a great time together!

Maria Gebellí

I am a third year student of the degree of Global Studies. I complemented my interest in the field of international relations, conflicts and global challenges with a bachelor in Law, which I am currently a second year student.

Emma Reitg

I am studying a double degree in Law and Global Governance at Esade and a member of UNYA-URL. I am interested in gender equality, climate change, and sustainable development.

Albert Vall

I’m a master’s student at UPF and have participated in MUN’s since my first year at university. I look forward to having the best possible time on the debate!

Pol Anglarill

I am a third-year student of IBE at UPF willing to start a career in strategic consulting. I am interested in economics, technology, always keen on discussing almost any topic. Foodie and amateur cook, I also enjoy practicing sports and travelling.


WTO: Possible implementation of blockchain in modern trade

The World Trade Organization (WTO) is an international organization that deals with the global rules of trade between nations. The WTO administers agreements, negotiated and signed by its members, which provide the legal ground rules for international commerce. The WTO’s purpose is to help trade flow as freely as possible for the economic development and the welfare of its members’ citizens. The WTO is serviced by a secretariat which provides expert, impartial and independent support to member governments, including research, analysis and statistical information related to the role and development of trade in the global economy.

When it comes to international trade, countries are currently struggling to communicate with each other, especially on border procedures, where bureaucracy and missing forms are present daily. Acknowledging this problem, delegates should discuss potential benefits and disadvantages of the possible implementation of the cutting-edge technology in the XXI century’s trade: Blockchain.

UNSC: Piracy in the Gulf of Guinea and its realtionship with Boko Haram

The Security Council is one of the principal organs of the UN. It is composed of 5 permanent members, which have veto power, and 10 other members that are elected by the General Assembly every two years. The Security Council aims to maintain international peace and security and restore peace wherever conflicts arise. Article 25 of the UN Charter gives to the committee enforcement powers, meaning that their resolutions are binding by the Member States.

Throughout history, various challenges, problems and threats the central and western regions of Africa have faced. Piracy and terrorism are two main issues that affect the countries adjoining the Gulf of Guinea. On one hand, the region has become one of the biggest piracy hotspots in the world. And on the other hand, the terrorist organization Boko Haram has spread fear in the North-East of Nigeria and its neighbour countries. Both issues will be tackle to find solutions at the UNSC.

UNODC: Weapons Traffiking in South-East Asia

The United Nations Office on Drugs and Crime has a wide scope pivoting around the fight against crimes of transnational nature. To do so it focuses on providing support to states on how to improve their legal systems to become more resilient to Transnational Organized Crime. Capacity building, information exchange, and cooperation are the basis for said projects. Unlike other bodies, it offers states clear, actualized guidelines to improve their handling of TOC as well as follow-up meetings to discuss the results and better implement changes.

Combating Illegal Weapons Trafficking in South East Asia has as objective finding and understanding the multiple risks associated with the SEA area and the criminal activities. Realizing what makes nations vulnerable to TOC is key to finding solutions to combating it. Despite there being different opinions on how to approach weapons trafficking, the urgent need to take collective action pushes for a joint work and active participation by all member states.

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