Meet the Secretariat

Anna Puigderrajols

Anna studies a Double Bachelor Program in Political and Administration Sciences and Law. She is also very interested in the promotion and protection of Human Rights as well as the migration processes.

Know our chairs

Anna Peláez

Anna is finishing her Bachelor degree in International Business Economics this year. Aside from her interest in international politics and humanitarian issues, she has been dancing ballet since she was three!

Martí Rossell

Martí studies a Bachelor Program on International Business Economics. He is also interested in cryptocurrencies and their potential application, as well as the Sustainable Development Goals.

Maria Gebellí

Maria studies a Bachelor’s program in Global Studies and a Bachelor’s program in Law. She is also really interested in International Relations and migration displacement

Duna Gironès

Duna is about to start her fourth year of a Double Bachelor Program in Business and Law. Aside from her interest in International Law and diplomacy, she is very keen on sailing and travelling every chance she gets.


UNSC: Climate migrants

The Security Council is one of the principal organs of the UN. It is composed of 5 permanent members, which have veto power, and 10 other members that are elected by the General Assembly every two years.

The Security Council aims to maintain international peace and security and restore peace wherever conflicts arise. Article 25 of the UN Charter gives to the committee enforcement powers, meaning that their resolutions are binding by the Member States.

UNHRC: Right to health access & Use of personal data by multinational enterprises

The United Nations Human Rights Council (UNHRC) is an inter-governmental body within the United Nations system made up of 47 States responsible for the promotion and protection of all human rights around the globe.

It has the ability to discuss all thematic human rights issues and situations that require its attention throughout the year. It meets at the UN Office at Geneva.

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