"I never thought that by joining the UN course I would find myself where I am today"

Pol Pallisé

Hello everyone! I am Pol Pallisé, and I am studying International Business Economics at UPF University.

I never thought that by deciding to join the United Nations course I would find myself where I am today. Therefore, before I begin to explain my personal experience, I must say that it has been one of the most successful decisions I have made throughout my professional career so far.

First of all, from my point of view the course provides you with a very consistent basis of knowledge. Thanks to it, not only did I obtain the know-how and foundations of the history of the United Nations, but also did I became well-read on how all its agencies and organs worked.

Then, after a selection process, I was chosen to move on to the final simulations, where I finished honing my skills around Models of United Nations (MUN). This process was key to realize that I loved everything that had to do with the UN and international relations!

At the end of the course, I was awarded a scholarship to travel to Amsterdam in order to participate in my first international MUN: AUCMUN. Initially, I was nervous, but at the same time I was eager to rise up to the challenge and, thanks to the great preparation that UNSA Barcelona gave me with the Metacurs and the different simulations, I ended up being self-assured and feeling completely prepared to face this new experience.

This is something that makes UNSA Barcelona unique: becoming a MUN delegate is something that requires time, hard work and effort, but the association makes you feel comfortable in every part of the process and helps you bring out the best in yourself.

In Amsterdam I represented the United Kingdom in the United Nations Educational, Scientific and Cultural Organization (UNESCO), debating about sex education. This experience supposed a great opportunity to meet people from different countries all over the world, which provided us all with an incredible and unforgettable experience.

Getting to know other delegates interested in international affairs but with different visions and ways to defend the different issues to be addressed helped me broaden my perspective and better understand that the world can be seen through many different perspectives; something which will certainly be valuable for my future career.

Surprisingly, I obtained an Honorable Mention at the awards gala, something that acted as a trigger to maintain and expand my interest in the world of the United Nations. This led me to take a step further and sign up for UNSA Barcelona, which I saw as an opportunity to keep investing in my skills as well as connecting with people with the same curiosity and will to keep learning and advocating for the goals of the United Nations.

Moreover, I have to remark that, the whole process since the course began until I finally decided to enrol in the association has only brought me positive things at both personal and professional levels, I have met many interesting people and made new friends and I have improved my level of English and oratory too. Additionally, I have also become more interested in the global vision of international relations and the UN.

If we take a look into the future, I am excited to start engaging in the new projects that the association has prepared, among them the organization of the new Metacurs for the new aspirants who wish to join us!

Last but not least, I would like to finish this entry by adding that, if I look at my career, having participated in the course and now being part of UNSA Barcelona has been of great help. This has been a true highlight of my personal, academic and professional experience, and it has fueled the emergence of new opportunities and the confidence and enthusiasm to embrace them.

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