Board of directors history

Board of directors and coordinators 2021-2022

Joan Llonch

I am a third-year student of Global Studies at UPF and I have been part of the MUN world since 2019. I would like to specialize in International Development.

Aina Patiño

I am a fourth-year student of Law and my personal interest towards geopolitics and international relations is the origin of my motivation for debating and acquiring knowledge.

Martí Rossell

I am a 4th year International Business Economics student. Some of my favorite activities comprise travelling, reading and expanding my knowledge.

Anna Peláez

Graduate student in International Business Economics and my interest in sustainable business development is the main driver of my passion for international relations.

Elsa Roucaud

I am a third-year Global Studies student and the world of diplomacy and international relations has always interested me. In the future, I would like to work in the humanitarian sector.

Imanol Olite

I am studying Journalism and Political Science. I am interested in the fields of communication and international relations, and in the future I would like to combine both disciplines professionally.

Eva Ferrer

I am a second-year student of Global Studies. My interest towards diplomacy and international relations have led me to UNSA and to the world of MUNS.

Anna Garriga

I’m currently in my second year of Global Studies at Pompeu, and my interests in international law and political affairs have driven me to UNSA.

Boards of directors 2004-2021

Year 2020-2021

President: Aina Patiño
Secretary general: Helena Salvador
Treasurer: Martí Rossell

Curs 2019-2020

President: Anna Puigderrajols
Secretary general: Lledó Cubedo
Treasurer: Èric Jurado

Curs 2018-2019

President: Carles Aulés / Aloma Serra
Secretary general: Teresa Tous / Federico Acarregui
Treasurer: Ricardo Sans

Curs 2017-2018

President: Carles Aulés
Secretary general: Teresa Tous
Treasurer: Ricardo Sans

Curs 2016-2017

President: Alejandra Fernández
Secretary general: Carles Aulés
Treasurer: Alex Pié

Curs 2015-2016

President: Alejandra Fernández
Secretary general: Patricia Coll
Treasurer: Joaquim Candel / Alex Pié

Curs 2014-2015

President: Alejandra Fernández
Secretary generals: Teresa Gil / Clàudia López
Treasurer: Xavier Lluís Roig

Curs 2013-2014

President: Clara Sixto
Secretary general: Alejandra Fernández
Treasurers: Andrea Cabañero / Xavier Lluís Roig

Curs 2012-2013

President: Laia Navarro
Secretary general: Clara Sixto
Treasurer: Till Weyers

Curs 2011-2012

President: Ferran Rosa
Secretary general: Arnau Rovira
Treasurer: Laia Navarro

Curs 2010-2011

President: Carlota Gui
Secretary general: Ferran Rosa
Treasurer: Maria Creixell

Curs 2009-2010

President: Berta González
Secretary general: Miriam Pérez
Treasurer: Andrea Nijssen

Curs 2008-2009

President: Berta González
Secretary general: ?
Treasurer: ?

Curs 2007-2008

President: ?
Secretary general: ?
Treasurer: ?

Curs 2006-2007

President: ?
Secretary general: ?
Treasurer: ?

Curs 2005-2006

President: ?
Secretary general: ?
Treasurer: ?

Curs 2004-2005

President: Elisenda Monforte
Secretary general: Helena Aparicio
Treasurer: Josep Oriol

Founding members

Elisenda Monforte i Vila


Helena Aparicio Terrasa

secretary general

Josep Oriol Pons Pérez


Paula Ballell Laiseca

vice president

Albert Stern Taulats

studies coordinator

Ainhoa Sorrosal Serch

marketing coordinator

Raúl Salvador Noguera

international relations coordinator

Marta Vallejo Herrando


Maria José Viñas García


Anna Genís Falgueras


Sebastian Buckup


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