A fast guide for a perfect position paper

Clara Rincón

Having a good position paper is an important aspect when it comes to feeling prepared for the conference. Even though writing one might seem stressful or difficult, the truth is, it’s not as hard as it seems, and with this simple guide, maybe we can help make the process easier. 

1. Background information

The first thing that you must definitely include in your paper is some background information on the topic. What we mean by this point is that we suggest that you explain the basic key terms and some definitions of the concepts that surround the issue that is being discussed. It would also be great if you could include a historical background of the matter, since many times, history can clearly help us understand what is going on in the present. 

2. Country’s existing policy

The second thing that must be written in your position paper is the most important. You must try to find your country’s existing policy on the topic. Sometimes this can be hard, since we may not always end up finding it. Whatever the case is, don’t panic, you can always try looking for speeches of your country’s leaders, or even check their government’s websites in order to see if there is any important information that may be useful for you. 

3. International action

Another key aspect that must appear in your paper is any kind of past international action. This means that it is important that you include measures or actions that were undertaken by any international organization, especially the UN. It would be great if you could also briefly evaluate the measures that were implemented, because this will definitely help you on the next point. 

4. Possible solutions

The last thing that must be included in your paper are a list of possible solutions that you may come up with. Bear in mind that some of these solutions may become clauses that you will be able to use at the conference, so this is an important step that will require thought. Don’t stress if you cannot think of new solutions, it is completely normal, that is why you can get inspired by the ones that already exist and that you find efficient. 

5. Bibliography

Don’t forget to include a bibliography at the end of your position paper since it is always good to know that you obtained your information from reliable sources! 

Hopefully this article will help you with the process of writing your paper, do not doubt contacting us if you have any doubts!

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