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What moves us?

We are the United Nations Student Association of Barcelona, an association aimed at promoting the values and work of the UN organizing a wide variety of leisurely and educational activities geared at young students. We wish to bring the student population of Barcelona closer to the world of international relations and specifically to the activity and spirit of the United Nations. Are you up for it?

+70 active members

Throughout our history, hundreds of young students have been members of UNSA Barcelona and have organized and participated in Model UNs, courses and conferences.

18 years of history

We are the first United Nations association of Barcelona and the biggest in Catalonia. We have experience organizing a wide variety of leisurely and educational activities.

+40 MUNs carried out

The fact that UNSA Barcelona’s members have taken part in over 40 MUNs around the globe, confirms the unquestionable background we have gained in this area.

14 UN courses

UNSA Barcelona offers a United Nations course every year in order to educate the university community regarding the basics of international relations.

We are students just like you…

and we are passionate about learning about the world that surrounds us, with a global perspective focused on international relations. Among other activities, we therefore organize and participate in Model United Nations in other countries.

Board of directors and coordinators

Imanol Olite

I am a Journalism graduate student now in my 4th year of Political Science. My main interests are communication and international relations, and MUNs are a basic part of my life.

Lorena Diaz

I am a third-year International Business and Economics student at UPF and my interest in the MUN World, as well as in the business world, have brought me here.

Mònica Roca

I am a 3rd year International Business Economics student. My interest in international relations and globalization have driven me to acquire knowledge by debating.

Maria Bertrán

I am a third-year Political Science student at UPF. International relations have always been a discipline I have been drawn to and through MUNs I get to learn more about them through a different lens.

Aina Capó

I am studying the second year of Global Studies at the UPF. My interest both in international relations and in political and socioeconomic conflicts have brought me to the world of MUNs.

Sergio Küppers

I am studying second year of Global Studies and my passion for geopolitics and interculturality allows me to make the most out of every MUN experience.

Mariona Blanch

I am a Law student. I’m very interested in communication, languages and international law and relations. In my free time, I love traveling, photography and learning new things!

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United Nations Student Association of Barcelona

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