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Summary Year 2014-2015

United Nations Students Association Barcelona

Activities of the Year 2014-2015

Once again our main activity has been the attendance to MUNs.

The first example of all the above is CMUN (Catalonia Model United Nations), which is held in Barcelona and has celebrated its eleventh anniversary. It is one of our main activities due to the proximity of the event and the organizing authorities (ANUE, United Nations Association of Spain). We have participated in this MUN since it’s beginning, which coincide with the founding of our own association. With more than one decade at our back, we have collaborated with this MUN bringing more than 500 participants to it. The participation in CMUN has enables all these people to develop their communication, investigation and interaction capacities. This year we have been able to bring 30 delegates under the representation of UNSA Barcelona, from which we have received three special mention to the individual achievements of our delegates.

In second place, we have participated for fifth consecutive time in EUROMUN (European Model United Nations), which is held in Maastricht. This year a delegation of fourteen has attended the event from which we have been awarded with two special mentions for the quality of our members. This event is especially important in the annual MUN calendar due to its quality. Organized by the Maastricht University it is one of the most prestigious MUNs internationally with more than 500 participants from all around the globe.

Also we have participated for our second time in PIMUN (Paris International Model United Nations) organized by the French UN association and formed by most universities in Paris. We have participated with a delegation of fifteen and has become our most successful MUN in our history as we have been awarded with five special mentions and awards. This has not only been our best performance as delegation, but we have also become the most awarded delegation of PIMUN 2015 from over 500 participants.

This year we have also participated in LIMUN (London International Model United Nations) with a delegation of fifteen members from the association. This is the first MUN we’ve done as a Senior Delegation (one with vast experience in MUNs and with the intention of achieving a successful performance). LIMUN is one of the best-known MUNs in the world achieving a number of participants of more than one thousand.


At the beginning of September 2014 the Association is centred in the organization of the seminar “United Nations: challenges and future of the organization” that lasts a month and a half. It is a deepening course on the UN done by Dr. Pablo Pareja, expert on the subject. The Pompeu Fabra University recognizes this course and its successful attendance means the recognition of two ECTS credits of free choice, which are to be recognized in any European university. With more than 100 participants per year this seminar has become in one of the best offers for students interested in international studies. Throughout this seminar several general aspects of the UN are covered as well as it peak moments during history, deeply covering the particular cases that have meant a remarkable moment in the organization’s history. At the end of the seminar, participants participate in a simulation of the UN, which dealt with the Ebola crisis representing the countries within the General Assembly of the UN. This session is part of the evaluation process for the seminar as well as for the selection process for students to participate in MUNs under the UNSA Barcelona delegation.

During the months of January until April, we organize an open seminar directed mainly to those students who will participate to any MUNs under the UNSA Barcelona delegation. This course is intended to enhance their preparation and capacitation for their MUNs. The most experienced and veteran members of UNSA Barcelona are the ones carrying out this seminar. It is a complimentary course to the one held during the first trimester, completing the necessary instruction for a successful participation to MUN at an international level.


As a third consecutive year, we’ve organized a series of conferences and debates of international subjects that are of great interest to the student community. This year we’ve held two conferences. The first “The Islamic State: a new question within Middle East” where we were lucky enough to be accompanied by three excellent professionals: Lurdes Vidal (Professor of Arab Politics in UB and Responsible for the Arab Countries at IEMed), Felix Flores (international reporter from La Vanguardia) and Gabriel Garroum (ex UPF student and student of Arab Studies at SOAS). The second conference was “China: rise, fall and recover” with Manel Olle (Director of Master in Asian Studies at UPF) and the collaboration of Jaume Gine (ex Secretary of Casa Asia) on June the 4th 2015.


As part of the activities within the Solidarity Department, we organize throughout the year a series of home-made cake selling whose benefits are sent to the several NGO projects with whom we partner. For our first time, we’ve organized a Christmas Lottery where more than 100 people have participated. The benefits where destined to the project of NGO Ajuda en Acció for families with social exclusion risk in Catalonia.

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