• Rules of Procedure

This document contains an exhaustive explanation of the modus operandi of Model United Nations; from the previous research to the conclusion of the simulation with the writing and approval of a resolution; passing through the countries’ assignment, the Position Papers, the flow of the debate and the content of the rules themselves.

Model UN Preparation (2015)

  • Position Papers

They are the documents written by the delegates after the research where they show the position of the country they are representing about the topic that will be discussed. Normally, they consist of a brief introduction of the question, a second paragraph where they explain the intervention of their country in the concrete topic and, finally, a third part where proposals to solved the raised problem are made. Coming up next we are showing you some Position Papers written by our delegates, some of them were awarded in the MUNs where they were presented.





  • Resolutions

A resolution is the culmination of the debate that has happened in the committee. In the resolution we find two parts: by one hand, the preambulatory clauses, that are used to place the question that is being solved and emphasize previous resolutions and performances of countries and organizations. By the other hand, the operative clauses, that are the actual proposals made by the countries that submit them and that the rest of the States that are voting in favor support. Only one of the resolutions that are submitted will be approved.

Sexual and Reproductive Health and Rights – WHO

Loss of Human Control and Increase of Automation in Warfare – DISEC

Piracy in the Gulf of Guinea – Security Council

Western Sahara – Security Council

Egyptian Crisis – Arab League